There was a time when the sun and the moon
were together.
A perfect union reflecting oneness in the universe.

One day, for there was no night,
moon went out and discovered stars.
'Look,' he said to sun,
'how beautiful are the stars.'

Sun had never had anyone but moon
look upon her,
nor had she had to share moon with any other element.
She turned her bright gaze on the stars and melted them away.

Moon was sad. He had never had friends like the stars before.
Moon went to sun and asked her if she was jealous
of the stars,
if she thought the stars could ever take her place.

Sun looked deeply into moon.
He was the only element in the universe who could
withstand her intensity.
He did not waver.

'Yes,' she said, 'I am jealous of the stars.'
Moon watched her lovingly.
'Mine is the brightest light in the universe.
You have never needed others before.
Am I not still the center of you universe?'

'Yes,' said moon, 'but are not the stars very beautiful?'

'I am beautiful, you have said so yourself'

'Yes, but could we not share the vast sky with the stars?'

'I wish there was a place I could go to be
without these thoughts of losing you and gaining the meddlesome stars'

The moon nodded
and created night for the stars and day for the sun
so she would be forever happy,
and they would meet twice each day.



Memories of Argentine Women




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