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Here are five Rainbow International Case Histories:

TV Documentary

Int'l Physics Olympics
China, Canada, USA

Educational Series

Sweden, Denmark, France, USA

Physician Education

England, South America

International Newsletter

Europe, Australia, South America

Paradise Triathlon

Virgin Islands, USA

Time lines

Patient Education, 1995

We have consulting and producing services to help you get started on your voyage overseas or we can handle the whole project.......

Wearing Masks

Assoc. of Anesthesia Program Directors, 1993

Production Consulting Services:

Feasibility of overseas production including evaluation of the production objectives:

Knowing what the cultural differences and nuances are

Currency concerns

Local crew availability, transportation situation (hired or self), mechanics of moving from place to place if necessary, equipment situation

What the customs problems, carnets, and needs are in any given country

Language and technical integration (i.e. shooting in pal vs. ntsc)

Distinguished Professor Program


Managing the overseas preparation prior to shooting

Coordination of all elements, to include proper scheduling and post production if necessary.

Advising on language translations and finding the right people.

Who We Are

Wyeth Ayerst Research, 1995

If you need someone to continue to manage your production once all the research and feasibilities are worked out, we can produce and manage the whole project, if that is what you need.

Producing Services would include the above as well as:

Commander System

Abbott Labs, 1989


The Story of Yes & No

Wyeth Ayerst Int'l, 1995

Client contact


Vendor contact: talent, crews, equipment, post-production,

Finding translators and coordinating travel, accommodations and rentals.

Transportation once in that country whether ourselves or if it has to be hired.

Manage the production shoot, post-production and animation/graphics.

Set up and manage distribution and printing.

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