The links below will get you more information on which Rainbow projects relate to each client or award:

Rainbow Clients

Merck & Company

China Eastern Airlines

Wyeth-Ayerst International


Discovery Channel/Canada

Ohmeda PPD
(Division of BOC/London)

U.S. Robotics

Wyeth-Ayerst Research


Institute for Diabetes Discovery, Inc.

University of Chicago

Baxter Laboratories


Museum of Science & Industry

Institute for Pharmaceutical Discovery, Inc.

Rainbow Awards
(We have won 98 film/video festival awards...some awards are multiples)

International Cindy Award
AND multiple mentions:

New York International Film/TV Festival (Bronze)

International Health & Medical Film Competition:
  • Finalist, Children's Health Category
  • Finalist, Preventive Medicine Category

Tampere International Film Festival, Finland

Tomar, Portugal International Film Festival for Youth

Columbus International Festival, Chris Award & Plaque

U.S. International Film Festival (Gold Camera/Medical)

International Television Association (Philo Award - Interactive Media / CD-ROM)

Zagreb Film Festival, Yugoslavia

International Television Association

Finalist, Golden Reel Award

Public Relations Festival,
Best of Show

Oberhausen Children's Film Festival

International Agri-Marketing Award

Chicago International Film Festival

Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge

World-Fest Film Festival
  • World-Fest Award
  • Silver Award, New Media / Interactive

C I N E Golden Eagle
(This is an American Festival wherein the winners are entered into International competitions. We have won seven Golden Eagles)

Virgin Islands International Festival

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