My name is Stacey Wales
I am the Executive Producer of Rainbow International.

We have been producing film, video and multimedia for
over 25 years. We have recently opened offices
in Kobe, Japan and London, England

We have unique communications/production services
to offer.

We have five special aspects of our company services that
I would like to make you aware of:

Stacey Wales Image
We have time to learn about your company and it's needs.
We believe that this is essential to successful communications for you.
Once we know who you are and what you need,
we are able to work independently
and with minimum supervision and
as a team member with you - it's your choice.
We have the ability to make strong relationships with
experts in many fields and encourage
them to work on specific projects.
We believe in research and homework.
Once we have done that, we are able to
conceptualize a project,
apply it strategically to your target audience
and write scripts for
web sites
In addition,
we have strong abilities to
illustrate difficult concepts with animation.